It's a special mission, being held this July 2017, in the city of London, England, in which two women set out to transform a select collection of small businesses— and prove just how much money the right image can make their clients.


All wild ideas start with a wild question, and in this case the question was: How much is the right image worth online?


It's been our experience that both of these components separately—the right look and the right words—can be game-changing for our clients.

For anyone with a personal brand, in particular—perhaps selling coaching, for example, or consulting, or any type of professional services—the right online image might be the difference between a $75,000 and $500,000+ year. In an age where everyone's got a website, competition is more fierce than ever—and yet, 98% of business owners have massive website shame. The ol' Facebook profile pic takes center stage, and copy is thrown up as an afterthought—usually just to "get something up there" in the meantime.

But how much is this hurting your profits? And how much more money could you be making if you looked and sounded as brilliant as you are? Double? Triple? Quadruple your yearly income?

As two women who work exclusively with brands online, it's been our experience that both of these components separately—the right look and the right words—can be game-changing for our clients.

But together? We know they won't just change the game. They'll change your business forever.

And that's what we're setting out to do this summer in London, for a select number of small businesses who want to power up their profits—and make more money than ever before.




Meet the Experts


Meet Ash Ambirge. CEO. Businesswoman. Mentor. Author. Founder, The Middle Finger Project, an award-winning blog having led over 1M people in firing up their own independent meritocracies + entrepreneurial ventures. International online business strategist, specializing in creative brand messaging that turns heads—and profits. Has worked with 1,000's of clients and is known for her irreverent voice online. Seth Godin is a self-proclaimed fan.


Meet Heidi Hapanowicz. International Personal Branding Photographer who specializes in turning everyday people into the stuff of magazines—and money. Heidi has worked with clients all over the world, and is known for her ability to make clients feel at ease in front of the camera—and have the time of their lives—while taking their online image to a whole new level.


It's a two-day, extreme makeover for your brand—and we're personally whisking you away to London for the show. 

Glitz, glamour...and strategy.

We're taking you + your business under our wing for two whole days working 1:1—high tea and cocktails included—and by the time we're done? 

Your brand will instantly be transformed from an invisible, everyday, plain Jane vanilla affair, to a knock-out, hot damn, star-of-the-show head turner—with a strategic business plan in place to boot.

From image and wardrobe styling, to your very own team of hair and makeup artists, to a full-day, custom-designed professional photoshoot in the city of London, to an entire day of business strategy and creative brainstorming to follow—including an entire arsenal of brand language & website copy custom created, just for you—we aren't just making over your business. We're making over your life.  



Day One

Wardrobe Styling, Hair and Makeup + A Full-Day, Custom-Designed, Magazine-Style Photoshoot

By the time you arrive in London, you will have already worked with our on-staff image consultant, who will custom design a wardrobe exclusively for your brand (and budget)—perfect for your photoshoot. That means that all you have to do? Is grab your outfits, throw 'em in a suitcase, and show up. Alternatively, we can even work with you to reserve clothing from Rent the Runway, and have your items shipped direct to London.

Upon your arrival the evening before, we'll meet up for a luxurious meet-and-greet dinner where we can hug it out, get acquainted, and work out those nerves (but not too much wine—you've got a big photo shoot the next day!).

First thing in the morning, then, we'll send you into wardrobe where we'll have a team of hair and makeup artists waiting to make you feel like a queen (or king, of course)—and then we'll hit the streets to begin!

We'll head out to a number of pre-selected photoshoot locations inspired by your dream brand, and we'll spend the day shooting magazine-quality images (and doing some fun wardrobe and makeup changes!) that will take you from amateur to pro in 8 hours flat.

During the course of the day, we won't just be taking pretty pictures, however; we'll also be interviewing you at the same time, and jotting notes, learning about your business challenges and beginning phase one of our strategy plan. 





Day Two

Full Day Business Strategy + Creative Brainstorming Session


Think: Big, white table. Lots o' light. Plenty of espresso, pens and paper. And a team of expert digital business brains ready to dig in, analyze your current business model, find the holes, figure out what's working, what's not, and work with you to create a rock-solid plan for starting, growing or re-energizing your entire business, from the ground up, with an emphasis on online strategy. We'll talk about your vision, your message, your sales offerings, your pricing, your marketing, your sales process, your cash flow, your loves, your hates, and anywhere you feel stuck.

Then, we'll work together to brainstorm a strategic plan that you can put into place to double your revenue before by the end of 2017. For example, if you're a coach and you're earning $50K/year now, our goal is to get you to $100K by Christmas.

How's that for two days well-spent? 


Day Three & Beyond

Implementation + Intellectual Property Transfer


Next step: You go home and relax, while we get to work!

We'll memorialize your business plan, edit and finalize your images and draft your all-new brand language + website copy to reflect the new direction. 

We'll continue to work with you remotely over the next two weeks, at which point we'll present you with your final brand package, transfer all of the intellectual property rights, and turn over the keys to your brand-new business.


This Experience Has Been Fully Booked.

We're so excited, but we're also sad that this means we'll miss you! The good news: You can pop your name onto the wait list below, and we'll contact you, first, about any new openings and locations. Please do—we'd love to hear from you!